After Umbrage aims to provide idyllic holiday accommodation in some of the more scenic areas of rural Britain so that those who take care of loved ones with a terminal illness may have the break away that they truly deserve.

Reviews from our Guests

  1. Anon says:

    The cottage was beautiful I didn’t want to leave.

  2. Anon says:

    We had a very lovely stay at Kingham Cottage, a stay we didn’t realise we needed till there.

  3. Anon says:

    Thank you so much for letting us stay in Kingham Cottage. We had a lovely time and it provided us with the perfect excuse to go away – just the four of us – and spend some time together. We wouldn’t have done so otherwise, and it was a precious few days, with lots of laughter and tears.

  4. Anon says:

    We are totally refreshed from our fairy tale break

  5. Anon says:

    Thank you for a beautiful, pleasant stay and thank you for your kindness. A lovely peaceful retreat for all.

  6. Carer, Braintree Essex says:

    I am fortunate to have discovered After Umbrage and I am very grateful for this wonderful and generous service that you provide to carers.

  7. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Matthew and Joanne, Nassington

    Thank you so much for such a lovely stay. We thoroughly enjoyed our delicious dinners in Bath Centre and our long walks around the countryside. We will definitely be back with the children next time!

  8. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Smout Family

    A great base with loads to do. The cottage is a credit to you! All the best.

  9. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Lesley

    Thank you Umbrage, you are a bear with a bug heart!

  10. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: John and Carol

    Beautiful cottage with great facilities. We spent lovely evenings on the terrace.

  11. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Cartmale Family

    We have had such an amazing time here. The cottage is beautiful and so is everything around it.

  12. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Robinson Family, Leicester

    Enjoyed our stay here in your cosy cottage. Lovely location and easy to relax as you have thought of everything.

  13. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Atkinsons

    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this lovely cottage celebrating our anniversary in the city where we met. Thank you very much.

  14. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Penny and Melina

    The whole concept of ‘After Umbrage’ is brilliant Tara! The cottage is lovely and full of character.

  15. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Lynn and Ted, Birmingham.

    Lovely, peaceful stay in your warm and cosy cottage. Thank you

  16. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Simon and Marko

    We loved our stay in your warm, cosy cottage. The small touches make it really special. Thank you.

  17. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Claire and Dennis, Cornwall

    A fantastic cottage. Wonderful break in a lovely location. Thank you very much – we loved it.

  18. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Anne and Carole, Australia

    Thank you for letting us stay at Kingham Cottage. So happy to support After Umbrage.

  19. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Brandt Family.

    We had a great time in this lovely cottage. Beautifully furnished in a fantastic area. Thank you very much.

  20. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Davies Family.

    Fanastic location, amazing cottage with everything thought of. Had a lovely four days away – just we needed. Many thanks.

  21. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Turgoose Family, Doncaster

    Thank you for the opportunity to stay in such a wonderful place.

  22. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Aust Family.

    Beautiful and relaxed weekend. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

  23. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Linda, Joan and Jan.

    A perfect break in a perfect cottage. Thank you Tara – we will be back.

  24. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Robjohns Family

    Thank you for a wonderful stay in this beautiful cottage.

  25. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Howard Family, Milton Keynes.

    Such a relaxing place. Love the cottage – time to think and recharge. Thank you so much Tara.

  26. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Singh Family.

    Yet again an amazing cottage to stay and recharge. Thank you Tara.

  27. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Moldon.

    Thank you for shiner your delightful cottage. We have had such a happy visit with lovely walks and a relaxing time.

  28. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Shaw Family, Yaxley.

    Cottage in a lovely and peaceful location. A welcome break and plenty of walks and things to do. Had a canoe on the canal – so peaceful. Everything you want for a short break. Thank you.

  29. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Susan and Charlotte, Wigan

    Amazing weekend in a beautiful cottage. Your attention to detail is superb. Feel really relaxed and recharged to continue my caring journey. Thank you so much.

  30. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Michael and Caroline, Glasgow.

    Thanks After Umbrage for the warm welcome, the beautiful cottage and the opportunity to get away together.

  31. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Curtis Family, Hereford.

    Comfy, cosy cottage. We both feel very relaxed after a few days here in Somerset and a real pleasure to return to Kingham Cottage every evening. Easy drive to Wells, Bath, Somerset – not forgetting Glastonbury. Five days filled with happy memories.

  32. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Dale Family.

    We’ve had a wonderful weekend. Just a shame it had to end so soon. I think a nice, relaxing weekend with beautiful country walks was just what us and the girls needed. Thanks again Tara for being so helpful and hospitable.

  33. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Cardiff.

    Fantastic cottage. Stunning location. A chance to get away and relax.. Brilliant to think that carers and their family have people such as yourself who understand and provide a wonderful escape – if only for while.

  34. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Laura, Samuel, Alex and Tamia

    Spent an idyllic xmas here – loved it. Lovely cottage – don’t want to leave.

  35. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Olga and Xenofon, Australia.

    This is a perfect cottage in a beautiful location. We have had a glorious week. Thank you. We hope to return.

  36. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Clements Family.

    Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity. We have had a magical time. The cottage is beautiful and the location is something else. We would love to return some day. Much love.

  37. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Julia, Darren and Lesley, Doncaster and Scotland

    Kingham Cottage is fit for a King! Thanks for a fantastic stay in such lovely accommodation. The views are out of this world.

  38. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Nicola and Keith, Doncaster.

    Once again a fab stay in a beautiful cottage. This stay was so needed for both of us. Thank you so much.

  39. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Kate, April and Diana, Macclesfield.

    Laughter, tears, chocolate and proscecco made for a much needed stay. Wonderful memories and rest.

  40. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Michael, Kerstin, Felix and Naomi, Berlin.

    This cottage is very beautiful and lovely. Thank you!

  41. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Caroline.

    What a lovely and peaceful weekend. Thank you for the warm welcome and for the lovely cottage.

  42. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Harrison Family, Stockport.

    A lovely cottage for a great break away – really enjoyed our stay. Just what was needed, especially for carers like me. Thank you. Very well equipped cottage – home from home. Just what I needed. Thank you so much to all of you.

  43. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Howlett Family, Northamptonshire.

    Just what we needed for a relaxing break. Cottage was quaint and cosy. Bath is beautiful city. Would love to come back again. Thank you.

  44. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: King Family. Leicester.

    Have had a lovely relaxing break in a very relaxed and pretty setting. A real treat for carers. Thank you so much Tara. The blankets on the settee were a nice touch!

  45. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Hallidays, Cambridge.

    Beautiful cottage a beautiful part of the world. We have all had a wonderful half term holiday. The cottage is so very comfortable ad has everything you could possibly need.

  46. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Pascoe and Paul Family, Lincolnshire

    A fabulous, cosy country cottage! Wonderful views , great walks and perfectly positioned. Thank you.

  47. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Francesca and Patricia, Twickenham

    We’ve had a wonderful few days in this beautiful cottage. Thank you Tara and After Umbrage for providing a magical retreat to restore the spirit. Thank you for caring for carers.

  48. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Steve and Ashley, Worcestershire.

    A wonderful stay in a fabulous cottage. Thank you all at After Umbrage – it means a lot that others care.

  49. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Gita and Olaf, Germany.

    We had a wonderful stay in the cottage. It’s lovely. Thank you very much. When can we come back?

  50. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Donna and Keith, Hertfordshire

    This time away has given me a little happiness in the darkest of times. A time for me to come first. I cannot express enough how grateful I am – thank you. The last few months have been the worse I have ever had. I don’t feel things will ever get better, but this stay in the stunning cottage was a break from everything. The first bath I’ve had without having to rush or keep an ear out. Thank you all so much. A real opportunity to make good memories and hopefully heal bad ones. You are all real earth angels – thank you.

  51. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Hudsons.

    What a beautiful cottage. We gad a lovely, lovely time.We did some exploring and had some quality family time. We are so very grateful to After Umbrage for letting us stay here. We can’t thank you enough. A much needed break in perfect surroundings.

  52. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Harrison Family, Stockport.

    Tara, thank you so much for a beautiful holiday. We had a great time – everything was fantastic from start to finish. We didn’t want to leave. The views and weather were a bonus too.

  53. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Howard Family, Milton Keynes.

    Had a fabulous, relaxing time in the most beautiful cottage and location. Just a piece of heaven. Thank you.

  54. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Scott-Hunter Family.

    Tara, thank you so very very much for your enormous generosity in letting us use Kingham Cottage respite. Your work for carers is invaluable. So kind. We have had two lovely undisturbed nights and a whole day doing nothing but relax and our own little thing. Thank you so very much!

  55. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Blakemans, Stafford.

    Thank you so much for this incredible stay. Exactly what we all needed. Much love.

  56. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: The Twist Family, Gloucester.

    We’d booked in for three nights but were only able to stay one night due to unforeseen circumstances. However, it was a lovely break. Thank you.

  57. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: Ashley and Sam.

    Thank you After Umbrage for a relaxing, reflective and enjoyable stay in your wonderful cottage. We lost our gorgeous Mum recently. Her name was Lynn. She was an incredible person and the best possible mother. We miss her every day. Thank you for giving us much needed time out.

  58. afterumbrage says:

    Carer: James, Caroline and Shannon

    Thank you for a beautiful stay and thank you for your kindness and lovely retreat for all.

  59. afterumbrage says:

    Guest: Louise, Australia

    Lovely cottage in a fantastic location. A great base to reconnect with friends. Thank you.

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