A Thanks Giving message for you

In England, we might not celebrate Thanks Giving like our friends across the pond, but let’s take a moment to reflect on this wonderful tradition. Spending time with loved ones, gathering around the table to share a meal with friends and family and taking time to say that you are thankful. That’s what it is […]

Christmas Markets in Bath

The city of Bath comes to life at this time of year as seven streets near Bath Abbey are lit up with the Christmas Market. 18 days of magical merriment start on Thursday 22nd November and run until the 9th December with over 160 twinkling chalets spread out across Bath’s picturesque Georgian streets. Unique home […]

Alexandra taught Rachael patience

Our loved ones teach us many coveted qualities and for Rachael, Alexandra taught her patience and enabled her to develop the power of courage and determination. Alexandra is ‘a force and a very strong character’ according to Rachael and her husband, Ian, who have cared for her every day of her 46 years. Alexandra Scott […]