Support After Umbrage

Umbrage the teddy bear is our charity mascot. You will have seen him across our website. Here you can purchase one of our lovely teddy bears and every penny goes towards funding After Umbrage. This keeps breaks at our cottage free for unpaid carers and their families.

You can also purchase a running vest with our logo on it. Next time you are fundraising for us, or simply out running or training for an event, please wear this vest to help us raise awareness of our work and the amazing work of unpaid carers. You help them feel more visible, recognised and respected. All good things.

Why buy Umbrage the teddy bear mascot?

After Umbrage is a small charity with running costs to meet. These are for the upkeep of Kingham Cottage, the cleaning and utility bills for example. These costs have gone up considerably in recent years. We also have staff costs to cover although we keep these to an absolute minimum. By far the majority of our fundraising goes directly to keeping breaks free for unpaid carers. Buying Umbrage, our mascot teddy bear, is a great way to help us do this.

To help us raise awareness of the work we do, we’d love to see photos of your Umbrage teddy bear on his travels – out and about, shopping, on the train, on holiday in the park having a picnic. You name it. Tag us in your social posts too and we’ll share them. This helps us meet unpaid carers we haven’t met yet!