Kindness matters

What makes you smile plus other questions

What makes you smile? What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? These are all questions we’ve been asking our team. Why now? We thought it was a great way to celebrate our upcoming 10th Anniversary. It’s a milestone we are proud of so getting to know what makes our team tick seemed appropriate. Hence, 10 questions to celebrate 10 years for After Umbrage.

Kate is our database expert and is responsible for managing our booking system. She gave it an overhaul about a year ago and we have not looked back. She has an eye for detail and ensures our charity is on a solid footing. Here are her 10 questions answered.

What makes you smile?

Car journeys with my six-year-old son. He likes to read out instructions from the sat nav, comments on my driving and tells me the speed limits. We have the best chats and of course sing at the tops of our voices (badly) with the windows down.

Who inspires you?

My dear friend Katie. She is just an all-around awesome human being. Kind, honest and true. Determined and strong always steadfast when faced with challenges. If everyone was a bit more like Katie, the world would be a better place.

Kindness matters
What Chocolate would you be?

Probably a tube of smarties. Nothing fancy, but colourful and fun and great for all occasions.

Smarties. Kate would be a smartie if she were a kind of chocolate.
What do you want more of in 2023?

Sunny days and time with friends and family.

Best Advice you have ever been given?

Keep on keeping on. My Nan used to say this all the time, never really made sense until I was grown up and going through some darker times. Even when you don’t feel like getting up or facing another day of whatever, just keep going, it will pass.

Favourite Musician?

This is difficult – I love all different kinds of music from Skrillex to Metallica but if you really want me to pick one today, I’d pick Pink. She’s a phenomenal performer, excellent role model and her songs are great for going out or doing housework. Love.

Pink the music artist
A non-negotiable thing you do for yourself?

My Non-negotiable me time is gym time, Yoga, body pump or a spin class. Love them all. I need that space and time to get out of my head and do something physical.

Favourite Season?

Summer. Love the bright hot weather. It’s rarely too hot for me 🙂

How do you relax?

With a bottle of wine and a box set.

Top life lesson?

Kindness matters.

Small expressions of kindness have an enormous positive impact on other people and on your own happiness. So always choose to be kind.