We firmly believe that if more people knew about After Umbrage and the good work we do, we would have the support we need to expand our operations and bring help to the members of communities all over the UK who work so hard to care for those they love in their final days.

If you would like to help but can’t spare a lot of money just now, one of the best ways is to let others know about us. If you have access to a publication, or know someone who is willing to provide publicity for a good cause, please contact us and let us know. Even a mere website link can bring attention our way, and make the important work we do that much easier.


Shout out on Social

You might not think it, but even liking and sharing our pages on InstagramFacebook and Twitter can make a massive difference. The more people that know about our charity the better so please, share our pages and invite your friends and family to like them. That way we can connect with beneficiaries and spread our message – and the best bit, it’s absolutely FREE!