Two top tips for #SelfCareWeek2017

Being in a good mood and feeling optimistic about the day ahead are wonderful feelings. It can help us face the daily challenges with good grace. Open a door for someone, call a relative who might be feeling lonely or give someone a genuine compliment – all great ways of boosting our wellbeing and our positive mood can influence […]

#WorldKindnessDay and The Power of Your Smile

Did you know it’s #WorldKindnessDay? The Power of Your Smile Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to meet a lady called Judy. Judy cares for her husband, who is at the early stages of dementia. She had come along to a drop in group organised by The Carers Trust Cambridge Peterborough and Norfolk. What a mouthful! […]

Enhancing the Wellbeing of Carers in Cambridge

Pictured from left to right: Rebecca Browne (CTCPN), Richard Cross (CTCPN), Tara Belcher (After Umbrage) and Tracy Wilkinson (After Umbrage) Heart warming and humbling are the words that came to mind when Tara Belcher, Founder of After Umbrage and Tracy Wilkinson, Head of Marketing Communications met the carers in Cambridge who dropped into the Carers […]

Three activities that reduce stress

Hallelujah! Today is National Stress Awareness Day which is a perfect excuse to share the notion that we have wonderful, powerful tools for boosting our wellbeing and reducing stress. You are probably doing many of them already without realising the neuroscience behind the benefits to your emotional health. Here’s the science bit in brief. Stress is […]