New research shows that 39% would like more support to manage care responsibilities at work

Old and young hand in hand

Carers are looking for flexible working arrangements and the ability to take unpaid leave to care for their loved ones, recent research undertaken by Simply Health/You Gov shows. And 50% of the 1,974 UK adults surveyed believe employees who are caring for an elderly relative should receive more support to remain in work, through carer policies for example.

Worryingly, 57% of respondents who have caring responsibilities but have not taken any time off work in the last year cite that this has affected their own health and wellbeing.

One idea that wins support of 44% of respondents is giving carers ‘care credits’ which are like childcare credits received by parents.

What’s more, over half of people surveyed think government should play a greater role in caring for the UK’s aging population.

Our view?

We care about and for those who care and ask you to tell every carer you know that free breaks are available free of charge from After Umbrage. It might just give them a bit more energy to continue working and supporting their loved one.

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