Small is beautiful in the charity sector

We are proud to be a small charity and all the benefits this brings our way. Small charities are well known for understanding their frontline and for being responsive, flexible and agile. We get great pleasure from sharing the inspiring stories of our beneficiaries and the social impact of our work. And our work is […]

A long awaited honeymoon for our new friends

A very warm welcome awaits everyone at the Cancer Wellbeing Centre on the Peterborough City Hospital site. There is kindness and understanding that is at the heart of everything the friendly staff do – and the importance of their role cannot be over stated. At The Robert Horrell Macmillan Centre on the 18th October we […]

Hospice Care Week: 8th to 14th October 2018

What does hospice care mean to you? We’ve heard many different answers from ‘Happy, sociable and peace’ to ‘Living, tissues and home’. Like the people the hospice cares for, the vareity of answers are special, important and personal. Hospice Care Week is an opportunity and an excuse to talk about the extraordinary work that hospices […]