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5 Things you may not know about After Umbrage

After Umbrage won funding in December from The Big Lottery Community Fund. Woohoo!

Naturally, we were delighted with our early Christmas present. Since then, we’ve received many more referrals and our cottage is nearly fully booked for 2020. It shows our awareness campaigns are working and there are lots of carers and their families in need of a break. To welcome people who are new to us, we share 5 things you may not know about After Umbrage.

5 Things you may not know about After Umbrage…

  1. After Umbrage has given away 190 free holidays to carers of loved ones living with a life limiting condition since 2016. Their families come too as we acknowledge caring effects all the family.

    Beneficiaries of After Umbrage
    The Rorbach Family
  2. Our free breaks are open to carers during their first year of bereavement. We know how tough caring can be and this might give you a little something to help soothe you. One thing you may not know about After Umbrage
  3. We work with over 120 Carer Support Organisations across England. They are our eyes and ears and refer their carers to us. We rely on them spreading the word for us.

    Referral network of After Umbrage
    Sarah Barbosa, Tara Belcher and Charimain Felts at St John’s Hopsice, Bedford
  4. Our beneficiaries tell us that their wellbeing receives a 100% boost after a break at our Kingham Cottage. This is something we are very proud of. The testimonials and thank you letters we receive every week spur us on to sustain this small charity that’s a bit of a lean machine. 5 things you may not know about After Umbrage
  5. We keep in touch with over 1300 supporters of After Umbrage sharing news and events, highs and lows too. If you’d like to join this growing community, please sign up here.

There’s lots more to know about After Umbrage and browsing through our blog will give you a flavour very quickly of what we are about, what we do and how we do it. We hope these 5 things you may not know about After Umbrage engage you enough to visit our website regularly. We are grateful for your support and it’s great to have your visit to our site.