Checking in with you

Isolation isn’t fun, is it? We are probably all experiencing some good days as well as bad ones. That’s why we are checking in with you.

It is our wish to make as many days as possible a bit happier. Even just a little bit. So, here we are checking in and sending you our best wishes and some After Umbrage love.

Checking in with you whilst Kingham Cottage doors are closed

We have had to close our doors to all visitors during this Covid-19 outbreak like many holiday cottages. That said, we are trying to do our bit. We have offered Kingham Cottage to the NHS team working Royal United Hospitals in Bath. Indeed, if anyone knows any nurses, doctors, or hospital staff needing somewhere to stay, please put them in touch.

Checking in with you
Umbrage saying hello from home on Instagram

Requesting your photographs

For you social media lovers, we have been posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our famous teddy bear, Umbrage has featured from time to time as has Maggie, Tara’s lovely dog. We’d love to feature your photographs in our messaging and any hashtags you’d like us to include. You can send them to This is one way we check in with our community and we hope you’ll join us on one of these platforms.

checking in with you
Maggie needing a rest after a long walk

Walk, cycle, or run?

We are still permitted a walk, run, or cycle daily to stay fit both physically and mentally. Have you been taking advantage like Maggie? One of our Trustees, Jo Eastwood, is homeschooling her daughters and high on the agenda are outdoor adventures. Here is her daughter failing to resist tree climbing.

Climbing the tree
Such a temptation to climb

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we often promote Fit4Change. It’s the app that raises money for charity when you walk, cycle or run. Perfect you might think for these isolation days. One of our team has walked nearly 250 miles for After Umbrage and others post reminders around the house – on the fridge included!

checking in with you

Time to reflect

These days our team has been reflecting on the work we have done and would be doing if it was ‘work as usual’ which is most certainly isn’t. Our highlights include listening to our beneficiaries and helping them share their stories. One recent story we have told is of our very own Harry Potter. If you missed it, feel free to check it out here. And part two is here.

When you make time to reflect, what are the memories that make you smile? We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, keep well and keep safe.