Hug a Bear Day

Thursday 7th November, is Hug a Bear Day. It happens this day every year. This year we could not resist a little nod of respect to the global campaign. With our mascot Umbrage – our teddy bear featured in our logo and on our website – who would? After all, it’s all about giving your teddy a hug, remembering your youth and the friends who accompanied you then and now. That’s very close to the care and kindness we extend towards our beneficiaries.

The history of Hug a Bear Day

According to those in the know, the history of stuffed animals goes back a long way. Some archaeological evidence suggests as far as Ancient Egypt. What is known for certain is that plush toys as we know them first arrived in the 1830’s, but the most iconic of all of them, the Teddy Bear, came about in 1902. The story goes that American President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting, and refused to shoot a baby bear they came across.

Since that day, the Teddy Bear has stood as the childhood toy that is given to almost every child.

Where does the name ‘Teddy’ come from?

The term “Teddy” was even derived from the name of this self-same president. Today, millions of Teddy Bears are produced every year. No matter what your imagination may come up with, there will be a Teddy Bear that meets your idea of the perfect fuzzy protector.

So, enjoy a moment reflecting on the comfort of your teddy bear, your childhood and the warmth of memories you felt.

After Umbrage, the charity, has its own story about the symbolism of the teddy bear to founder, Tara Belcher. What’s yours? We’d love to hear your story.