Volunteering is good for mind and body… Pledge to give your time this #InternationalVolunteerDay!

Today is #InternationalVolunteerDay, a day to recognise just how important volunteering is and for us to say thank you to all those who volunteer already!

At After Umbrage, we experience first hand the amazing impact that volunteers can have. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to reach or host many of the carers we support. So firstly, a huge thank you to all those who have offered us their support, time, wisdom… the list goes on!

This #InternationalVolunteerDay, why not pledge to give in 2018?

Volunteering is a great example of giving. We give time, advice, knowledge, trust and support, amongst other things. And when we give, our bodies create oxytocin, a powerful calming hormone that has many health benefits for mind and body. So volunteering isn’t completely selfless! It’s not just the receiver, but also the giver who benefits from volunteering. When we get a boost of the oxytocin hormone, our blood pressure decreases and we feel more relaxed – offsetting the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Oxytocin is also an anti-inflammatory so can help with reducing pain and improving healing. And the more oxytocin there is whizzing through your blood stream, the more you will want to give. Isn’t that amazing?

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How you could volunteer with After Umbrage…

There are lots of ways that our volunteers help to support us! Here are just a few:

  • Giving free wellbeing talks to carers who are supported by our local Carers Trust. Last month Tara and Tracy visited Carers Trust Cambridgeshire Peterborough and Norfolk (CTCPN) and did just that! Read more about their visit here.
  • Introducing us to local businesses or people who could support our mission to provide care for those who care.
  • Donating to After Umbrage! The wonderful Darling Deli recently donated delicious cakes for the After Umbrage Christmas party, a wonderful way of volunteering help and support for our charity.
  • Helping to organise fundraising events, such as the After Umbrage Ball which is always an amazing, memorable night!
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues all about After Umbrage. 1 in 10 are carers, help us to reach them.
  • Don’t forget to smile! The power of your smile is amazing and that’s one super easy way to give on a daily basis…

Could you volunteer your time to support After Umbrage in 2018?