Kingham Cottage builds Carer Resilence

Identifying social impact is an important activity for all charities. It helps us understand what our work achieves and demonstrates the benefits of the work we do. This is important for our team and for funders who support our work. It’s a key driver for After Umbrage too. Kingham Cottage builds carer resilience.

We have identified that we help unpaid carers build their resilience. What does that mean? How do we do this? And what is the impact of our work?

What is resilience?

Psychological resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis. It exists when you use mental processes and behaviours to protect yourself from the potential negative effects of stressors.

You can grow more resilient. Furthermore, having a larger community base and support system builds resilience. 

A person can build resilience before they hit a crisis and be more likely to cope with problems that may be around the corner.

Without resilience, the caring role can be very damaging to both mental and physical health.

What action do we take?

We believe that one vital skill carers need is resilience. They have much to cope with. Their life contains perpetual rounds of hospital visits, form filling in, and sleepless nights. They worry about what the next day will unfold. They are constantly on the go, feeling unwell themselves but have no time for self-care. Many face financial hardship having given up employment. Furthermore, often they do the caring alone. Support is available but it can feel like a minefield to navigate, particularly in the early stages of care.

We care for those who care by giving them a free 4-day break.

Beneficiaries tell us their wellbeing gets a 100% boost after a four-day break at our cottage. They are rested, rejuvenated, and energised afterwards. They return to their caring role with renewed vigour. Our carers are also welcomed into the After Umbrage community of over 200 carers and their families. This is important to give them a sense of belonging.

What is the impact of our work?

We help to grow resilience in our beneficiaries so that they are ready and able to cope with the next crisis they have to face, whatever form that might take. We welcome them into our carer community so that they belong, safe in the knowledge that there are over 200 families – like them – who have experienced the comfort of Kingham Cottage in the short term, and the lingering benefits of happy memories made with loved ones for the longer term. Knowing they are not alone is an important part of their resilience.

With resilience, our beneficiaries continue to carry out their vital role caring for their loved one living with a life-limiting condition. The relentless efforts of our 200 beneficiaries collectively save the UK economy £3.9 million* each year.

*Based on 200 beneficiaries saving the UK economy on average £19,336 each, every year.

What do our beneficiaries tell us?

‘This gorgeous cottage was such a treat for us all. Everything you do for carers is amazing as normally we just get forgotten about.’

‘Had a fabulous, relaxing time in this beautiful cottage, a piece of heaven. Thank you.’ The Howard Family from Milton Keynes.

You can find further reviews of Kingham Cottage here and beneficiary stories.

Help us ensure Kingham Cottage builds carer resilience.

How can you help After Umbrage? There are many different ways:

Help us spread the word by signing up for our monthly newsletter and sharing it with your network.

Book Kingham Cottage as a paying guest – perhaps a prize for employees with a CSR element – knowing that 100% of the proceeds go towards keeping breaks free for carers.

Make a donation or create a fundraising event on our behalf. Here are some ideas.

Kingham Cottage builds carer resilience