Sarah’s Poem written at Kingham Cottage

You know that feeling when you get a lovely surprise? How it makes your day and adds a spring to your step. Everyone around you sees that something has had a big impact on you personally. It can renew your purpose. It can have a lasting effect.

This is what Sarah Porter has given After Umbrage. With her creativity she has given us a gift like no other.

This is Sarah’s poem written whilst she was staying at Kingham Cottage with her family. She wrote it as an entry in our guest book. We felt we couldn’t leave it hidden there. We are compelled to share it. Here it is for you.

Kingham Cottage you will be missed

A beautiful sanctuary full of bliss

A time to breathe, a space to be

A cradle of comfort for my family and me

Built of stone, supported by oak

You give out strength to caring folk

Like an old friend who listens and gives a hug

You welcome your visitors with arms full of love

Thank you After Umbrage from the bottom of my heart

My memory and you shall not be apart

Sarah wrote this poem whilst she was staying at Kingham Cottage
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