The best charity holiday stays in the UK

We are number 3 of the best charity holiday stays in the UK according to The Guardian. The author, Rhiannon Batten is a journalist, and author with a focus on travel, sustainability, design, food, and parenting. Rhiannon explains that booking a stay at one of her recommended holiday places will be a contribution towards a worthy cause. In our case, 100% of the proceeds from every paid booking make sure we can offer unpaid carers a free break at Kingham Cottage.

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Can you help us share this good news? To that end, please share this or the full article above with your network. It will help us in so many ways. For instance, we will be introduced to more unpaid carers in need of a break – which will be all of them. Furthermore, we want to meet new supporters. People who have the time and inclination to organise a fundraising event on our behalf. They might be people about to embark on a personal challenge and haven’t decided yet who to nominate as their chosen charity. We’d love it to be us.

People leaving a legacy

There is also the chance we might meet someone whose life has been touched by the role of caring or has been cared for and wants to give something back in thanks. Some might leave a legacy or make a donation in their will.

People working for a hospice, GP or Carer Support Organisation

Our network is ever-growing. Let’s be introduced to people who work for organisations that can refer unpaid carers to us.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. Next time, take your teddy bear and make it one with a fundraising element to it? Or a dinner party game where you name the teddy bear. Get creative, have fun and use our mascot, the After Umbrage teddy bear as inspiration to raise funds for unpaid carers and their families who are in such need of support.

Number three in the list of the best charity holiday stays in the UK

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