Four After Umbrage supporters run in the Edinburgh Marathon

Like many small charities, fundraising is essential to sustain the great work of After Umbrage. We have opened our holiday cottage doors to carers for four years and to reflect this, we have four runners in The Edinburgh Marathon taking place on Sunday 27th May, 2018. Will Munro, Joanna Eastwood, Nicholas McVeigh-Crabbe and our founder, Tara Belcher will be showing their grit, resilience and generosity in the UK’s fastest marathon in just over three weeks time.

Resilient runners
Preparation is under way

The Umbrage team are well in to their marathon training plan which includes High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) as well as the as well as the long, grueling runs.

Tara says, “It’s a tough challenge, the distance has been creeping up week after week and it’s pretty exhausting but focusing on the purpose and the extra cake I can eat after helps!”

Running near Bath to keep to the training schedule

Tara has run in the Bath Half for After Umbrage before so she knows how tough this challenge is going to be and she truly values the support of her team mates. Training has been particularly tough this time round because the weather has been so wintry. Despite that, the views have been amazing and she’s enjoyed exploring the beautiful countryside near Kingham Cottage.

Stunning views of Bath


Her efforts and that of her team mates will all be worthwhile as the fundraising total is mounting, slowly but steadily. If you feel you’d like to support Will, Joanna, Nicholas and Tara, you can sponsor them via Virgin Money Giving. We thank you for your generosity and help achieving our ambitious £5,000 target. We are 22% of the way there but there are three weeks and four days to go so we remain optimistic!

Imagine the day itself: a fantastic all-encompassing route which takes in some of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks as well as offering picturesque views along the East Lothian coastline. Team Umbrage will need their resources to complete all 26.2 miles. Can you help them reach their financial finish line?