Fundraise for After Umbrage

Do you have some New Year energy left to get fit and fundraise for After Umbrage?

Here are some ideas for you to support After Umbrage to help us sustain our work – caring for carers.

Ideas via Run for Charity

We have partnered with this organisation to offer you a choice. We can access a great selection of events taking place across England. What’s more, there are two other great benefits. Firstly, there aren’t any fundraising targets that are so big they put you off. It means that every penny helps the charity. And secondly, they are very reasonably priced to participate. These are often hurdles to overcome and Run for Charity helps offset that.

Here are some examples together with the price per person to participate:

Run4Colour East Anglia on May 31st May 25th: £20

Fundraise for After Umbrage

GEAR 10K East Anglia on April 13th and May 3rd:  £27

Fundraise for After Umbrage

Superhero in the City London on June 11th June 9th: £29

Fundraise for After Umbrage

Zombie Evacuation London or East Anglia dates TBC

Fundraise for After Umbrage

Royal Parks Half Marathon London on October 11th: £143.95

Fundraise for After Umbrage

Amsterdam Marathon Amsterdam on October 18th July 29th: £80

Run 4 Charity

You may recall that Tara Belcher, our Founder, has participated in lots of running events including the Edinburgh Marathon last year and the Bath Half. She is currently training for another London half marathon coming up this March. We hope you can be enticed to sign up to one of these events. Your energy and commitment will make such a difference to our beneficiaries. And to Tara, who will get a personal boost with her training.

Need a further reason to put on your running shoes?

Want to fundraise for After Umbrage and our carers?

Come into our world to see what a difference your fundraising can make

Did you know that…

£10 covers the cost of milk on arrival for 10 carer families at Kingham Cottage.

£100 helps cover our weekly cleaning costs.

£1,000 is a big chunk of our annual rates and water bills.

£2,000 would cover most of our heating and light costs for the year.

£5,000 is what we spend on maintenance and repairs on average every year.

Can you help us cover these costs?

It would make such a difference as you can see. Thank you.