Grace helps After Umbrage reach more carers

Grace Donoghue of Broadway in The Cotswolds, is part of the Bath University Team working with After Umbrage. “My mum cares for her brother as he has severe learning difficulties. She plays a massive part in his life aiding him in day-to-day things such as shopping, cleaning, and cooking. I admire her hugely for this. ” says Grace.

I learned about After Umbrage from undertaking the Social Entrepreneurship Action Project. I am so glad to now know so much about the charity and am excited by our opportunity to help out.

What made you choose Bath and the course you are on? 

I am currently studying Business at Bath, a course that I love because of the huge range of modules available to study. I chose Bath because of the beautiful city and the great recommendations of the university I had heard from people studying there at the time.

What is the highlight of your course to date? 

I am so lucky to have met so many great people through my course who I firmly believe I will be friends with for life.

Early impressions

Grace’s personal experience of seeing her Mum care for her brother has made her empathetic towards After Umbrage. She brings to the project an insight into the challenges of the caring role.

She was quick to learn about the charity and make a difference.

Were you aware of the number of people caring for loved ones in the UK?

I think that the role of a carer is something that everyone should learn more about and recognise the importance of. They play a pivotal role in the life of so many people and this is something I really admire.

What part of the After Umbrage project are you enjoying the most?

I am most enjoying being able to share the skills I developed on my first placement. These include social media marketing and graphic design. I’m sharing them with the After Umbrage team.

What change or impact would you like your work to have?

I think that in everything I do, whether it be work-related or not, I strive to make a positive impact on those around me. And this is something I would be proud to apply in helping such a meaningful organisation such as After Umbrage.