Marta raises awareness for After Umbrage

Marta Palada of Bucharest, Romania knows how family dynamics change when a loved one has cancer. “Even though I was not the main carer, I was involved with looking after my late grandfather during his battle against cancer,” she says. Marta has been raising awareness for After Umbrage during her university studies.

Marta is a member of the University of Bath Project Team. The team has been working with After Umbrage to raise awareness for the charity amongst a different audience and fundraise.

“I understand how the family dynamics change and how the carers become front-line fighters alongside the patient. I think I am a lot more aware of both sides’ struggles. Hence, why I really appreciate After Umbrage’s work.”

What made you choose Bath and the course you are on? 

I chose to pursue my studies in the UK and more specifically in Bath due to the course’s curricula and prestige. I’d never visited Bath prior to University. So moving here and discovering the innate beauty of the city was a true delight and I am incredibly grateful I made this decision. 

What is the highlight of your course to date? 

There have been countless beautiful moments at Bath. I think some of my favourite highlights include the amazing people I’ve met. My academic achievements and the simple things such as admiring the sunset on campus are highlights too.

How did you learn about After Umbrage and what was your first impression? 

Although I did not know about After Umbrage prior to our project, I highly admire both the initiative and the execution. I first thought it’s an incredibly admirable cause and that the idea of sub-letting the cottage to paying visitors in order to benefit carers down the line is very smart.

Were you aware of the number of people caring for loved ones in the UK?

I was not aware of the number of carers. However, I think that the figure of £132 billion when it comes to saving in NHS’ effort really sheds light on their immense impact within our society. 

About the project, what part are you enjoying the most? Was it easy to come up with your group proposals?

I really appreciate how open and communicative Tara, the founder of After Umbrage, has been since the very start of the project. She has allowed us to acquire a deep understanding of its aims and operations. Hence, why developing the structure and recommendations has been a natural and incredibly pleasant process.  

What change or impact would you like your work to have?

I’d really enjoy seeing the impact and work done by After Umbrage correctly represented within their social media. Equally, I’m personally interested in their long-term aims of expanding their facilities with another cottage. So researching their possible next steps is something I enjoy being involved in.