Kingham Cottage soothes during bereavement

Lessons about bereavement help us serve our beneficiaries

Captured data tells us many things, in particular, that many of our beneficiaries are visiting Kingham Cottage during their first year of bereavement. Our After Umbrage team are in regular contact with our beneficiaries and our growing referral network. These conversations are teaching us many things about how to serve our carers better.

One of our most recent lessons includes a growing understanding of how our referral network recommends us. To elaborate, social workers and nurse managers at hospices are starting the conversation early about looking after carers’ wellbeing. By this we mean that they talk to carers about the benefits of a visit to Kingham Cottage whilst their caring duties are extremely demanding and the emotional tie to stay near their loved one is very strong. So understandable.

Hope is something we all need for our wellbeing

We have a great relationship with Charmain Felts, Social Worker at St John’s Hospice, Moggerhanger. She explains that the conversation often progresses during the deteriorating health of their loved one. As carers come to terms with the future loss of their loved one and the reality they face, we hope we offer an opportunity for them to be soothed a little in the future. Hope is something we all need to survive. It is this hope that we seek to offer carers – that they might feel some comfort in the future.

Visit Kingham Cottage during your first year of bereavement

And yes, we have noticed that an increasing number of carers are coming to stay at Kingham Cottage during their first year of bereavement. It’s when they can take time to look after their own wellbeing and recover a little. We are keen for carers across England to come to us for a break whenever they choose or can. Let it be known that our cottage doors stay open to carers during their first year of bereavement as well as when they are in the midst of their caring role.