Marmalade Insurance supports Free Breaks for Carers

After Umbrage is delighted to announce their exciting fundraising relationship with Peterborough-based motor insurance company, Marmalade Insurance. Marmalade helps you get from A to B by offering innovative and practical insurance products exclusively for young drivers. The company has set up a monthly donation to charity After Umbrage to help keep us on our road to providing care for those who care. It’s great news that this Peterborough business supports free breaks for carers.

We had a chat with Ellie at Marmalade Insurance to learn about the thinking behind this initiative.

What is the Marmalade Network?

Marmalade Network is an affiliate scheme for driving instructors. For instance, it works by paying a commission if they tell students about Marmalade Insurance and those students subsequently buy policies. Importantly, many instructors kindly choose to forgo this commission and donate it to charity instead.  The Insurance company says, “We are very lucky to work closely with driving instructors who are passionate about helping those in the community in any way they can.”

Supporting Carers this way is Important to Marmalade and its Employees

Marmalade and its employees are dedicated to supporting unpaid carers. For example, staff appreciate that carers selflessly give up their time. Some might look after family members and others, those in their community. Furthermore, they recognise and admire carers for the challenging work they do. Ellie says, “We feel it’s extremely important to be able to help them in any way we can.”

Why did you choose to support After Umbrage?

After Umbrage provides vital respite for unpaid carers. Understandably, their beneficiaries are in need of a break to recharge their batteries.  Ellie says, “The work After Umbrage has carried out so far has been phenomenal. We feel they are a charity well worthy of our support. What’s more, they clearly share the passion we have for supporting carers.”

Will this make a difference to your company culture?

Ellie says, “We are committed to helping charitable causes.  We get a buzz from helping others. With this initiative, our company can help to promote and further the support for wonderful charitable causes who make such a big difference to the lives of others already.”

Marmalade Insurance supports Free Breaks for Carers

Naturally, After Umbrage is very proud to announce this business partnership. As ever, we are committed to providing free breaks for carers. It follows that some might be Marmalade employees. Undoubtedly, this support is vital, especially as Covid-19 has had quite an impact on our fundraising capability this year. Relationships like this are our future. Indeed, we are keen to talk to other organisations who share these values and ambition to help us sustain free breaks for carers at Kingham Cottage.

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