World Mental Health Day 2019

This year, World Mental Health Day falls on Thursday 10th October. It presents a perfect opportunity to praise and thank the many charities, organisations and the NHS for their work. Time to Change, the campaign that pledges to end mental health stigma, Heads Together with patrons, Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Mental Health Foundation are just three examples of great organisations raising awareness and providing emotional health education available to us all. 

Carers’ Mental Health

Amidst this esteemed company, After Umbrage works tirelessly to support carers’ wellbeing and thereby give their mental health a boost. One key message is if you are experiencing a feeling of having a low battery you should rest and self care. Don’t push yourself too hard – we all need time to think, relax, and reload. A break at our Kingham Cottage is a good thing to do to give your mental health a boost. That low battery feeling, we know, is commonly experienced by carers. 

In fact, unpaid carers typically look after their loved one 24/7 and spend hours feeling alone. Yet they are not. 1 in 5 people aged 50–64 are carers in the UK. 65% of them have long-term health problems or a disability themselves and 68.8% say that being a carer has an adverse effect on their mental and physical health.

It takes both sun and rain to grow a flower

This #World Mental Health Day Twitter has some lovely messages such as this from @WMHDay, “It takes both sun and rain to grow a flower. Let this be a gentle reminder to everyone who feels stuck in a rainy season. Feel free to mention this to someone who perhaps needs the reminder.”

As human beings, we are hard-wired to be connected with others. This is so important to remember when considering our mental health. We can’t handle everything on our own. It’s okay to ask for help and support. Take a moment to reach out for help. After Umbrage is here for you – carers of loved ones with a life limiting condition – as are so many wonderful Carer Support Organisations such as Caring Together.

Let World Mental Health Day be a day of reflection, self care and connection. We wish you a wonderful day.