Wishing you a Happy ‘International Day of Happiness’

We warmly wish you a very special day on International Day of Happiness and share our thoughts and findings with you. We love this infographic giving you ten tips for happier living. Which ones do you embrace? Naturally, this topic is a hot one today and we love how these tips give us all an […]

Kingham Cottage is the best of all worlds

Welcome to our second guest blog post from our partner, Classic Cottages. The team there promote Kingham Cottage to paying guests, helping us raise money to keep the cottage available for carers for no fee. Here they give you a flavour of Bath and the surrounding area and share ideas about where to visit when […]

After Umbrage are #HappyToChat!

In January 2017 the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was launched, to combat the increasing impacts of loneliness in the UK. For carers, loneliness is often one of the side effects of caring. They lose their social life, it can impact their job, their mental health and even their physical health. Which is why we’re […]

Alec’s story – told in conversation with his Mum, Rachel

Beneficiaries of our charity, After Umbrage are very special people. They are diverse and face problems that would challenge even the greatest practitioners of positive thinking. They each have a unique story. Here we talk to Rachel Hanson from Sheffield. With her husband, Roy, they have a son called Alec who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. […]

What went well?

Do you spend too much time thinking about what goes wrong in your life and not enough about what goes right? Granted, there are times when it makes sense to analyse bad events so that we can learn from them. However, we can slip into the bad habit of spending more time thinking about the […]