Share the Bear for Carers Week 2021

The theme for Carers Week 2021 is to make carers more visible and valued. Like many others, we are raising awareness to encourage more people to recognise, respect, and support carers. We are doing our utmost to do this. It’s part of our DNA actually. Is it part of yours? If yes, these resources might be useful to you. We’ll start with Share the Bear for Carers Week 2021.

Share the Bear video

Videos and stories connect people. Which is why we have created a short video for Carers Week called Share the Bear. It explains what we do – free breaks for carers – and makes it easy for you to share this across social media platforms using #ShareTheBear. We are keen to be introduced to carers and carer support organisations. If you know any, please send them the Share the Bear video.

Stories connect people too

We devote a page of our website to our beneficiaries. Those who are happy to be open and share their stories as carers. Atiq Hassan, Emma Thomspon and Sara Bailey are just three wonderful carers who have been happy to work with us and to tell their stories about family, love and caring. Here are many more stories.

Happy Carers Week 2021 – Share the Bear

We’d like to meet more carers. We want to make carers ffeel more visible and feel valued. We’d like meet more Carers Support Organisations who support carers like us but in different ways. These things will make Carers Week 2021 feel like a success! If you are looking for more information, please pop over here to our website.

We thank you for your support!