Conversations about grief and loss

This week (25th to 31st October), Radio 2 is looking at grief and loss. It is their wish to make conversations easier about these difficult emotions. It means that there are lots of great resources available that might be useful for our beneficiaries and their loved ones. Further afield, they might help us all normalise […]

Kingham Cottage is a bereavement resource for carers

Bereavement is hard to talk about. Losing someone who is close to you can be devastating. And if you have been caring for that loved on, even more so. Because we understand this, we want to remind our community that Kingham Cottage is available to carers during their first year of bereavement. We are a […]

Kingham Cottage soothes during bereavement

Lessons about bereavement help us serve our beneficiaries Captured data tells us many things, in particular, that many of our beneficiaries are visiting Kingham Cottage during their first year of bereavement. Our After Umbrage team are in regular contact with our beneficiaries and our growing referral network. These conversations are teaching us many things about […]