Comfort is our Focus

These are very worrying times. They have resulted in huge changes in the way we live and work to keep us all safe during the coronavirus outbreak. We are in this together and we hope you feel some comfort from that. Indeed, comfort has been the focus of After Umbrage since our outset in 2013, […]

A Thanks Giving message for you

In England, we might not celebrate Thanks Giving like our friends across the pond, but let’s take a moment to reflect on this wonderful tradition. Spending time with loved ones, gathering around the table to share a meal with friends and family and taking time to say that you are thankful. That’s what it is […]

Join us on World Smile Day

The smiley face we all know, love and use constantly with our messages to friends and loved ones was created in 1963 by an American man called Harvey Ball from Massachusetts. His concern to keep the meaning of the smiley face authentic – rather than commercialised – brought him to the idea of World Smile […]

From Drinking Pints to Running Miles

  Time seems to fly by these days and suddenly I was begrudgingly toasting my fortieth birthday with a bunch of fantastic friends. I am lucky enough to have kept in touch with some wonderful mates from college and we reminisced about the happy times mostly spent at the bar. It is amazing how quickly […]

Wishing you a Happy ‘International Day of Happiness’

We warmly wish you a very special day on International Day of Happiness and share our thoughts and findings with you. We love this infographic giving you ten tips for happier living. Which ones do you embrace? Naturally, this topic is a hot one today and we love how these tips give us all an […]

What went well?

Do you spend too much time thinking about what goes wrong in your life and not enough about what goes right? Granted, there are times when it makes sense to analyse bad events so that we can learn from them. However, we can slip into the bad habit of spending more time thinking about the […]

Two top tips for #SelfCareWeek2017

Being in a good mood and feeling optimistic about the day ahead are wonderful feelings. It can help us face the daily challenges with good grace. Open a door for someone, call a relative who might be feeling lonely or give someone a genuine compliment – all great ways of boosting our wellbeing and our positive mood can influence […]