Alexandra taught Rachael patience

Our loved ones teach us many coveted qualities and for Rachael, Alexandra taught her patience and enabled her to develop the power of courage and determination. Alexandra is ‘a force and a very strong character’ according to Rachael and her husband, Ian, who have cared for her every day of her 46 years. Alexandra Scott […]

Time to celebrate – The Big Lottery is funding us again!

At the end of August, just as the new school year was about to commence, we received the best news. The Big Lottery Fund via their Awards for All scheme has awarded After Umbrage a grant for a new media campaign to reach more carers. The grant will be published on The Big Lottery Fund […]

A passport for carers to look after themselves

Thursday 5th July will bring back memories of being a very special day for After Umbrage and it’s all down to the wonderful, warm welcome we were given at the Peterborough Family Carers Hub organised by Arda Lavelle of  Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk (CTCPN). It was their second meeting and we were invited to give […]

Holding the hand of carers

In the market town of Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire a special group of people gather every month to offer and provide one another support. The support comes in many forms – friendship, being listened to and being heard, the holding of a hand, the giving of advice, the sharing of a sad moment and the laughter […]

After Umbrage are #HappyToChat!

In January 2017 the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was launched, to combat the increasing impacts of loneliness in the UK. For carers, loneliness is often one of the side effects of caring. They lose their social life, it can impact their job, their mental health and even their physical health. Which is why we’re […]

#WorldKindnessDay and The Power of Your Smile

Did you know it’s #WorldKindnessDay? The Power of Your Smile Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to meet a lady called Judy. Judy cares for her husband, who is at the early stages of dementia. She had come along to a drop in group organised by The Carers Trust Cambridge Peterborough and Norfolk. What a mouthful! […]

A Break for Carers, Before Caring Breaks Their Relationships…

A recent study conducted for Julia’s House, has revealed some powerful statistics on the effects of caring on relationships. These statistics highlight just how important it is for carers to take a break. Caring is a full time role, and it’s all consuming – both physically and psychologically exhausting. The research found that 64% of divorced or separated parent […]

Let’s Talk! The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

On 16th June 2016, the British Labour Party MP for Batley & Spen, Jo Cox, was sadly murdered. Jo Cox had made it her life’s work to tackle many issues affecting her constituents, including community loneliness. And her legacy continues.  This year, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was launched. Its aim? To start a […]